discowarriordivas under my skin

I recently moved back to Chicago to pursue my creative work and critical research as an independent artist-scholar.  I joined a shared studio space and am continuing my exploration into house aesthetics and consciousness.  I have two lovely women working with me. They represent two deliciously different physicalities but embody a similar kind of fire in performance.  As I continue down this road with house as blues raw gospel funk disco feeling, I find myself reaching for this “woman” — ultra femme and hyper masculine, oracle and festive spirit, restrained and decadent.   She is a swirl of impulses and energies, never settling in one sensibility for too long.  I am drawn to undulation, a supple spine, rolling hips, hovers mixed with accents, and arms that are sharp and carving, but also segmented and snaking.  I picture her as some sort of contemporary Oshun, sweet and sensual, comforting and mischievous, bringing abundance and the ability to listen/negotiate — to actualize love, intimacy, community.  Her spirit manifests here in this creative process through the forms of disco & house.  I infuse her with vitality, camp queerness and fierceness — this to me seems fitting, seems right for an Oshun in this time and place.  As I dive into this process, I hope to discover more clearly through conversation with the women working with me how we get to her performance, how we find this discowarriordiva in movement vocabulary and quality, in space, in time, in weight.


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