More Audience Reviews for ‘Price Point’

As we prepare for the 2nd weekend of ‘Price Point’ in the SKETCHBOOK 13 performance festival, here’s some audience feedback we received from last weekend:

“That was wonderful. You were like one breath, different registers…Excellent.”

–Khadijah Kysia;Wellness Practitioner

“Ohhh My Goodness, I went to church at 12pm today. Church was the Honey Pot Performance, PRICE POINT. The poesy of real talk and the energy of the pieces were honest and accessible! The poignancy of the pieces and the timing were also refreshing. The topics were current and reflected Black womyn….and the movement was intentional and completed their words. The acknowledgment of the informal economy, working poor, interpersonal violence, bills and order, bills and negotiation, clinics that dont listen, mental health….whew! it was all good and didnt beat me over the head. The only thing is that I wanted it to be an audience full of sistas for the sake of ritual and to offer reassurance and understanding to the performers. The audience was too quiet as they sat and held their breaths on the parts they did get. There was a need for call and response, “girl yes…” “Ashe” “preach” etc etc etc. so, if I can find the time to round up some sista-friends imma try to make it back to see it again in the company of familiarity.”

—Veronica Precious Bohannon;writer, visual artist, mental health services activist

“This is compelling stuff. . .[Price Point] breaks the boundaries of academic postulation on these matters, even as you use the language of the sector, to get at the reality.”

Bayo Olayinka Ojikutu;award-winning novelist (’47th Street Black’, ‘Free Burning’)

Come see how we mix it up & serve economic realness, starting this Friday (June 14th) at 8p. Use discount code “FHOLM” to save $5 at!

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One response to “More Audience Reviews for ‘Price Point’

  1. S.G.

    Honey Pot Serves Up That Liquid Gold Again

    In 2011 Honey Pot served up that sweet, hot brew called Ladies Ring Shout and left an audience member like me licking my lips waiting for more. Enter 2013’s Price Point so delectable, so full bodied, so courageous you won’t be able to pinpoint the source of your tears and laughter.

    Genius is HPP’s multi genre approach where member Abra Johnson is poised as an existential co-voyager reading her own work along with excerpts of Karl Marx and others . HPP further simplifies and complicates the space with fine footage from Deepak Chopra and Melissa Harris Perry for all the talking head addicts out there. Finally, there is a masterful infusion of financial terms defined and projected onto the wall doing what all true hustlers do… work triple time, baby! The definitions serve as narrator, setting/backdrop, educational infrastructure, intellectual flirt…alladat, all at once… hot damn! And straight ahead is Meida McNeil, Aisha Jean-Baptiste and Felicia Holman steadily sharp, never flinching, and daring the audience to be as vulnerable as they are. These women are so Nikki Giovanni “Ego Trippin” badass, they invite you to get down on your hands and knees in a unique homage at the end of the performance. And you should…

    … because all of THIS demands the audience be multiple. One CANNOT just ‘watch’ Price Point. There is too much feeling that spirals up and out and around to just ‘see’ the show and file it away as “a-really-cool-show-these-Black-chicks-with-cool-hair-did-“. All of us work with, watch, fuck, love, resent, honor, see past, desire, wonder about , hate, revere, take from, envy, study, dance with, succumb to, and inquire about these types of women presented in Price Point. There is an unveiling of secrets and a stirring of consciences in Price Point.

    From the scenes of gut-busting contagious laughter to the nerve clattering demands for piece/peace, the performance tickles the back of your head, grabs your throat and massages the whole heart all at once somehow leading me to the famous saying, loosely translated here, ‘the cure for everything is salt water- tears, sweat ,or the sea’. And briny, viscous, heady, and rooted, HPP brings it all and delivers it onto your lap. Do with it what you will.

    Stacey Gibson

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