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30-day “Stick With Honey Pot!” Fundraising Campaign

Hey friends & fam!…Honey Pot Performance has just launched our 1st crowdsourcing campaign on! A 30-day fundraiser for our 2013/2014 season called “Stick With Honey Pot!” There are 6 contributor levels and awesome perks to choose from, so give what you can & spread the word WIDELY! Thanks for the continued love & support….stick with Honey Pot! 🙂

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The ‘Price Point’ Effect: Reflections from Sketchbook 13

pricePointTextWow! What an amazing run we had at Sketchbook 13 last month! After 10 shows on Collaboraction’s Pentagon stage, we performed our closing matinee of ‘Price Point’ in front of a FULL house and received a standing ovation! Here’s a sample of the feedback from our wonderfully engaged Sketchbook 13 audience:

“Great performance! These amazing artists are terrific, straight forward and touching at the same time. Lots of times I have felt misunderstood, misinterpreted, and misheard when I speak up about life in general (success, economics, work, and even spiritual life) working so hard to obtain the BEST sacrificing many valuable things as family, mind, spirit, soul, and even compromising one’s health. When the performance finished I had a sweet & sour after taste!!! I love their work, very well done. Good sense of humor in some parts (why not laugh about our reality for a little bit?). I totally recommend… It’s a Must!”

Price Point;Guidebook

“If you have not witnessed these ladies illustrate,testify to that which is happening right before our eyes everyday (the rude awakening of the “American Dream”), you are doing yourself a disservice!”

“This is compelling stuff . . . breaks the boundaries of academic postulation on these matters, even as you use the language of the sector, to get at the reality. Many thanks for sharing.”

Price Point; The Impossible Cycle

“Price Point is an extraordinary blend of poetic monologue, humor, music, movement and digital media that speaks to our current economic crisis and experience as working folk. Price Point creatively weaves in riveting facts regarding the disparities between the upper and lower classes by including interviews, news clippings, quotes, and narration. Price Point not only takes us through the past and present, but gives us hope that collectively we can determine our future. The dialogue is powerful enough to invoke change and inspiration in our union as the majority. Words are not enough, videos are not enough, you MUST see this live to receive the full experience. Every man, woman, and child should be forced to see this show; once they have, they’ll thank their enforcer immediately. SIX STARS for an AWESOME Performance. So glad I didn’t miss this!”

Price Point;Dahomean Warrior

As our HPP mission states, “everyday popular and/or folk forms of cultural performance are valuable sites of knowledge production and cultural capital for subjectivities that often exist outside of mainstream communities”. Performance is our therapy, our catharsis, our way to community. Performance is the haven that welcomes us to rediscover our own value and worth.  Performance and expression bring our dormant, unsaid emotions to the surface and urge us to work them out within a community that not only bears witness, but also empathizes through experience. For us, ‘Price Point’ serves as a hybrid of art and public service—-an economic ‘ring shout’! The live Price Point experience offers a proverbial safe space to both witness and testify to the dynamic endeavor of surviving in a devalued labor market. A safe space to create new answers to the question “What is today’s social contract?”

Our shared vision and experiences of alternative/DIY economic mobility have empowered us to build coalition as both artists and concerned citizens. Since closing at Sketchbook 13 on June 30th, we have been approached by several independent artists/curators/educators and activists to remount ‘Price Point’ and/or collaborate on ‘Price Point’-related projects such as performances, workshops and panel discussions. We are eternally grateful for the support of our live and online audiences, our Sketchbook 13 producers (Collaboraction) and our creative community of fellow artists and art lovers…in Chicago and abroad!

We are eager to keep the ‘Price Point’ conversation going, so follow this blog or ‘like’ the Honey Pot Performance Facebook page for updates on our 2013/2014 season….Stick with Honey Pot Performance!

Price Point; Finale

*Photo credits: Ania Sodziak

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