Bag Ladies: carrying a diaspora colored black (2002)

hendrix2A flowing collage of images, issues and embodied movements, Bag Ladies is a physical meditation on the utility of the black diaspora for contemporary African-American young women.  Using bodies and voices, TRPC investigates the black diaspora’s meanings, textures, ruptures and seamless blends across a variety of cultural landscapes.  We explore the multiple entries and travels that diasporic navigation entails: the packing and unpacking of our accumulated baggage; and the various appropriations and negations, conscious and not-so-conscious coerced and inevitable meetings that we observe, encounter, and live locally as urban, Chicago-based African-American women and globally as black women in the African diaspora.




Script Excerpt #1: Authenticity

Script Excerpt #2: Ode to Africa

Low tone memory (Critical Essay)


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