From Househedz (2006) to Give Thanks (2009)

give thanks posterThe Househedz Project explores Chicago house music and dance culture, unpacking its movement vocabulary and style; its fusion of spirituality and sexuality; its changing contexts from club, to basement, to radio station, to mix tape and CD; and its current re-contextualization on local and global club and music scenes.

TRPC wanted to make sense of the impact house music and culture has had on our lives.  We wanted to explore  how house  affects the way we move and in many ways the way we perceive the world.  Our stories are micro-refractions of a larger story, of a community, of a regional experience gone global, evolving over time and space. House, as a social phenomenon, was (and still is) in dire need of critical theorizing. Indeed, house provides an active site/space to think about globalization, multiple performances of “blackness,” the cosmopolitan/provincial, the sacred/profane, humanism, love, beauty, gender/sexuality/class/ethnicity/national belonging, and the persistent trope of embodied memory (as stories of struggle/survival/success) across Black diaspora.

Click here, for online archive documentation of the entire Give Thanks: The Househedz Project. Or, by year, check out process materials from the 2006, 2008 and 2009 project versions.




Performance Analysis, Artistic Director & DJ (2009)


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