Movement I: Gathering

Chicken bouillon, wheat germ, curry, chick peas, oil, soca music, fry-dry fish, coconut milk, sazon, green seasoning, compa, garlic, onions, soccer on the Spanish channel,

tomatoes, lemon juice, ginger, cod liver oil, cucumbers, mango, plantain, oranges, guava juice, salt prunes, copper wire hanging baskets, garlic, ginger, ABC magnets,

cloves, anise, fruit shakes, bitters, soft boiled eggs, rice, chicken, brown sugar, fruit roll ups

I stand in the kitchen

I forget where the time goes

While I chop and dice, saute and fry, pick and slice, grill and stew, peel and marinate

Preparing, sampling, giving, sampling, exchanging. Eating, ingesting, digesting. Feeling, feeling. Emotions satiated, filled up with fullness, satisfied, secure like first feedings of mama’s milk. R u hungry?

Days before we plan out our menu – what will excite and entertain

What will be our lesson, platter-ed and served up

Food at our house has become a production – A stage show

What goes into it— All of you. You stick your foot in it, and that’s what makes it tastes so good. Even those sayings are apart of it, apart of these processes, an ingredient thrown in while others steam up from the pot, a slurp from the spoon speaking to you, telling you that it’s just right or speaking up for what it needs: Too many chefs… Stuck your foot in it…Food for the soul… Soul food…

R u hungry?

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