Movement V: Eating & Exchanging

This food is the electricity to recharge my system

The juice for my flesh and bone battery

Extending down capillaries and through organs calling out for fuel

I give my body what it needs, what it demands

I get excited when I taste something new

As I am confronted with this strange display staring at me from the plate

Vulnerable, laid out, waiting for my violent bite

Sinking my teeth into an unfamiliar

Chewing is an intimate conversation between my body and this foreign substance

A settlement, perhaps we agree to disagree

Is this taste meant for me?

Filtering thru our organs, traversing organ systems. Stemming from the depths of body tissues, growing out, our nails and hair flowering.

Chew and swallow

The conversations, the digested morsels

Food for our mouths and food for the road

To carry in our tummies and in our heads

The meal is always more than what’s on our plates

Belly full and so is my heart

We’ve ingested more than just our favorite foods and experimental savory dishes. We’re digesting how they came to be, satiated from our legacies; adding a pinch, a sprinkle, a dash of our own flavor (when no one is looking); awaiting the next meal; preparing for the process; rereading and rewriting the recipes, rehearsing them until our memories absorb these rituals and recognize them as acts of love, the words, the measures and servings, mingle with tastes traveling our tongues; fiber in fiber, we feel them, hold them close, know them to nurture you at will.

“Food, glorious food! Food is celebration, is reward, is comfort. Food is love, is life. It nourishes, sustains and entertains. Just like every other aspect of life, food has to be chosen, prepared and consumed consciously, carefully.

I take a bite of your cooking

And suddenly your past is not as far away from mine.

Knowing how we’d sit around the table for dinners and suppers and holidays

How’d we help our grandmothers shuck and peel

And pinch the heads and tails off green beans

How we’d learned the secrets of alittleofthis, alittleofthat

Reversion through an uncanny sense of spices

Those moments foil of texture and scent and flavor

So subtle

Only to reemerge years later

And leave me with a feeling of hollowed-out homesickness

And now I come to your home to experience the family I never had,

Only to find memories so tender and carefully stewed

They fall off the bone…


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