Race Travels: Care Packages from Trinidad to Chicago and back again… (2004)

Race Travels is a cross-cultural multimedia work featuring ThickRoutes Performance Collage and Noble Douglas Dance Company, a Trinidadian-based dance company.  Together, these companies explore the constructs of “race” and “ethnicity.” How do we define and “perform” the concepts of race and ethnicity on a daily scale in Trinidad and the US? What roles do geography, nationality, economics, and gender play in the selection of our racial and ethnic wardrobes?  And how do culture and ethnicity confirm and/or explode our notions of “race” forcing us to rethink its composition?

We make ourselves accessible to each other through care packages featuring videotaped movement explorations, audio taped conversations, personal letters and other items.  “Care packages” are the solution that TRPC and NDDC have arrived at to solve the dilemma of trying to collaborate together without the means to support a “face to face” workshop and performance setting.

This project was partially funded by the Center for Interdisciplinary Research (Northwestern University), Gender Studies (NU and University of West Indies), Creative Arts Centre (UWI), Links Hall, Community Arts Partnership grant from the City of Chicago and the Telecommunications Service of Trinidad & Tobago.






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