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‘Price Point’ Pictures from Sketchbook 13

Price Point; Finale Price Point; Abra Video Price Point; These Things Price Point; The Impossible Cycle Price Point;Dahomean Warrior Price Point;Guidebook

Photos courtesy of Collaboraction for SKETCHBOOK 13

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by | June 12, 2013 · 12:21 AM

Review: 1st preview of ‘Price Point’ at SKETCHBOOK 13

“Price Point is aptly named- the price that you pay for the point of the production is a relative measure of your own understanding and experience of economy and society against the show’s melodically intertwined stories, monologues, poems, media and all points in between. The show is punctuated by definitions of economic terms that become open portals through which the explorations of our financial and cultural climate take place. You can’t pin down the attitudes or emotions here just as a forecast can no longer accurately predict how money actually makes any of us feel. Price Point is a gorgeous, honest and wide-reaching account of the effects of living in a contemporary capitalist state. In short, it’s on point!”

—Laura Goldstein, Co-curator of the Red Rover Reading Series

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